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Bet on your favorite horse at Cheltenham Festival 2018

March is about to begin, and all of us are ready for a fresh season of the Cheltenham Festival. All the eyeballs are set off the ground to not to miss any action going on. Men and Women both equally like this event which is why they gather in such numbers. The picturesque location and energetic crowd make a perfect blend for any sporting event, and this game is an example of it. A brief account of some more facts about this event is here for you.

An overview of the Cheltenham Festival

The Cheltenham Festival is an annual event which is entertaining people since 1860. Thousands of top-grade horses along with their trainers and jockey assemble on this occasion.  Scheduled in March every year, it is the second biggest horseracing event in the world. The event held for four days starting from Tuesday and ending on Friday. The Cheltenham Racecourse rushed with the massive crowd all four days of the game. 

There are not just two or three racing events here but, almost 26 racing events. These races equally distributed on each of the four days. Speaking about this, every day there are six races take place along with two extra races. However, in 2016, two more races added amounting to 28 racing events. Some famous races seen at this event include Champion Hurdle, Stayers Hurdle, The Coral Cup Hurdle, World Hurdle and Champion Gold Cup. The final day of the event steals the thunder with the Champion Gold Cup race.

More facts about the Cheltenham Festival

To keep the glamour quotient high here, one more celebration known as the Ladies Day. It has been quite a long time since the introduction of Ladies Day to this event. Many women turn their head to this event. They all wear beautiful dresses and gowns, accessorized from head to toe. The Ladies Day timetabled on Wednesday which is the second day of the event. 

The Cheltenham Festival is infamous of a large number of the horse dying in any horseracing event organized in Europe. It is the sad truth associated with this event with the number of horses killed crosses 3 thousand. The reason behind their death is the fatalities or injuries caused o them during racing. In one such event in 2006, a significant number of horses that is 11 horses died. Although, the number of death came down with the control on the number of participants in the race at one time. 

Betting in Cheltenham Festival 

There is no denial that betting is the attraction part of this event. If you are a seasoned pro and been their many times, you must be knowing it well. If you are coming across it for the first time, the amount of investment in betting will make you go berserk. Undoubtedly, it will continue in 2018 event also with the massive investment of 600 million pounds. For that matter, there are not just offline but online ways too. For those who like betting, click to read more Cheltenham Festival full details of the event like top horses and other betting tips. The online sites catering the betting services may not work in those countries where it is not a legit activity. From the smallest to biggest, the betting amount has no limitation.  
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