Wednesday, May 11

Entries for the 2016 Swedish Grand National & Swedish Champion Hurdle released

Entries for the 2016 Swedish Grand National & Swedish Champion Hurdle have been released. The 2015 Swedish Grand National was won by Ländler ( / & the Swedish Champion Hurdle was won by Omoto Sando. 

For people who don't know the Swedish Grand National has a close connection to the Grand National at Aintree via Mrs Topham. For the full story go here:

I attended the Swedish Grand National last year and had a brilliant time, you can read more about my trip here:

This year I am pleased to see that their is 7 UK trained horses entered in the Swedish Grand National & Swedish Champion Hurdle. Horses from Dan Skelton ( & Ian Williams (


Swedish Grand National (UK trained horses highlighted in yellow)

  • Al Bustan (IRE) (S Popelka, Tjeckien)
  • Battleoftrafalgar (GB) (S Dysell, Sverige)
  • Elegant Song (T Hellgren, Sverige)
  • Email (M Andersson, Sverige)
  • Festive Cheer (FR) (P Cottin, Frankrike)
  • Good Prince (GER) (E Schnakenberg, Tyskland)
  • Kazzio (GER) (P Vovcenko, Tyskland)
  • Kentucky Star (FR) (D Skelton, Storbritannien)
  • Lady Dylan (IRE) (A Hyldmo, Norge)
  • Ländler (GER) (A Schelusner-Fruhriep, Tyskland)
  • Moderator (CZE) (D Persson, Sverige)
  • Monfalcone (GER) (T Ellefsen, Norge)
  • Moss Cloud (IRE) (D Persson, Sverige)
  • Neverland (CZE) (H Pettersson, Sverige)
  • North Germany (GB) (C von der Recke, Tyskland)
  • Omoto Sando (FR) (A Hyldmo, Norge)
  • Rockinger (GB) (D Persson, Sverige)
  • Sonofagun (FR) (I Williams, Storbritannien)
  • Symphonias Wilmar (C Dillner, Sverige)
  • Thinger Licht (FR) (D Skelton, Storbritannien)
  • Torres (CZE) (D Persson, Sverige)

Swedish Champion Hurdle (UK trained horses highlighted in yellow)

  • Byron Flyer (GB) (I Williams, Storbritannien)
  • Calvados (D Persson, Sverige)
  • Falconettei (P Vovcenko, Tyskland)
  • Fine Humor (USA) (S Tiikkaja, Sverige)
  • Future Security (IRE) (C von der Recke, Tyskland)
  • Good Prince (GER) (E Schnakenberg, Tyskland)
  • Hot Wing (IRE) (A Hyldmo, Norge)
  • Jungleland (DEN) (A Andersson, Sverige)
  • Lataradud (IRE) (M Twomey, Sverige)
  • Luris Pegasus (M Andersson, Sverige)
  • Nuevo Leon (GER) (E Schnakenberg, Tyskland)
  • Poker School (IRE) (I Williams, Storbritannien)
  • Princ Bajaja (CZE) (D Persson, Sverige)
  • Rock Of Leon (GB) (D Skelton, Storbritannien)
  • Samtu (IRE) (D Skelton, Storbritannien)
  • Taurito (CZE) (R Bodlack, Tjeckien)
  • Torres (CZE) (D Persson, Sverige)
  • Vicody (FR) (S Popelka, Tjeckien)
  • Well Fitted (IRE) (T Ellefsen, Norge)
  • Wutzelmann (GER) (A Schelusner-Fruhriep, Tyskland)

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