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GUEST ARTICLE: Free Odds and Bets: Why Do They Matter?

Betting on horse races can be exhilarating, even as a one-time adventure. If you're good at it, you can also earn some supplementary income. However, not all of us have the time or money to get to the racetrack on a regular basis.

Thankfully, there's analternative - many people are able to bet online on actual races. Some of these sites offer a simulcast of the race, and others simply will list the result. Though some of the sites require a minimum bet up front, others have adopted the important policy of offering free wagers. Free gambling can be found in a variety of forms - the matched free bet, the plain bet, and the periodic bet are three main ones.

Matched free betting online may well be the most common. These bets offer to match a customer's initial deposit up to a certain amount. This sort of policy is important for first-time bettors, as they get a sense of what it's like to bet on horse races without having a substantial initial investment. Many potential bettors are skeptical, and it can be risky for a betting company to not match an initial bet. For instance, say a new bettor signs up for a site and makes an initial deposit into his or her betting account. This deposit is equal to the minimum allowable bet.

Let's say this brand-new bettor put all this money on one race and lost. Having stepped into the world of horse-racing betting without any winnings, this person is likely to leave the scene and never come back.

However, when a matched bet is offered, the new bettor has twice his or her initial deposit when betting. If the first bet is a bust, this bettor may then place a new bet. More bets means best odds at winning, and more winning means more dedicated customers.

Some online betting companies, however, understand the extreme skepticism of many would-be bettors. Many people, understandably, don't want to invest any money up-front. While matched free bets can be a great way for a betting company to get more business (and for the enthusiastic online bettor to gain more bets without cost), some potential customers don't want to spend any money before getting an idea of what the site can offer.

For these customers, many sites offer plain no cost betting online. Used in conjunction with   the best odds online this type bet requires no initial deposit, but it gives those who sign up a chance to place a bet risk-free on an event of their choice. This is crucial for those who have not bet before for several reasons. One is that many who have not placed a bet will be unsure of how it works and may not fully research betting options before placing a bet.

Another is that many people are not entirely sold on the idea of betting at all. These people remain skeptics, and having them pay additional money is not going to convince them to bet. When a company offers a free bet along with free odds, these people will often try betting because it's risk free. If a first-time bettor wins, chances are he or she will come back for more.

Periodic free betting opportunities are offered by some companies, and their main function is to help revive the resigned customer. If you've subscribed to a betting site and haven't won anything in months, you probably will soon think about closing your account. However, when a company offers a periodic free bet (every month, or two months, for example), it essentially incentivizes staying with the program. If a customer is about to quit but is offered free odds and a free way of gambling, chances are that he or she will stay on at least long enough to use what is essentially free money.

In summation, making gambling cheaper and the offer of free odds are key to any online betting company keeping and acquiring new bettors. And as more people bet, more are introduced to the beautiful world that is Australian racing.

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