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GUEST ARTICLE: The Caulfield Races Toward Another Year of Greatness

Tradition, Excitement. Prestige. It is all encapsulated yearly at The Melbourne Racing Club in October. Since 1879, it has proven year after year to be a thrilling spectacle. It is one of the toughest handicap races in the world. It is truly a production. The Caulfield Cup is a time-honored event that is respected with formality and etiquette by horse racing enthusiasts all over the globe.

Thoroughbred horse-racing, specifically, is a sport that is rooted in Australia’s history and has spanned the globe. Although the Caulfield began as early as 1879, it was not until 1998 that horses from around the world were allowed to compete in the race. The celebrated, anticipated Caulfield Cup is one of Melbourne’s big three horse-racing competitions called the Melbourne Spring Racing Carnival.

The challenging race course itself is 2,400 meters. In 2000, the Melbourne racingClub and the Victorian industry spent millions to improve the track, and this was money well spent. Anticipated annually, this is more than just a horse race; fans, bettors and non-bettors watch breathlessly as if fundamentally connected to the majestic animals.

Gambling on the races has brought big money and a lot of excitement to the sport. The popularity of thoroughbred horse racing in Australia began with a mere $1,000.00 as a beginning purse. Today, the purse is worth millions to the rider, the trainers, the owners, and, of course, the bettors in the stands. Statistics, tips, and odds on horses are readily available online. As race day approaches, betting becomes more and more chaotic. The appeal of the Caulfield Cup happens on many levels.

Preparation for this race, as one can imagine, is extremely specific both for jockeys and horses. Strategically trained horses from all over the world and Australia compete for this prestigious opportunity. They compete for one of the eighteen coveted spots and four emergency entries. Horses are trained specifically for this race with special trainers because every race is different and requires a different type of training.

What can one expect on race day? Excitement and thrilling performances. Because the race has such a high handicap, it makes betting even more challenging to judge the winners. Surprises are around every corner. Anything can happen: with epic races such as this one, unexpected winners have come out of nowhere, epic accidents have taken place, and even death has occurred on this course.

Caulfield Cup results from last year in 2014 were as impressive as ever, and Japanese winner Admire Rakti came in first, becoming the new favorite. Rising Romance came in second, followed by Lucia Valentina for the third spot. As of August 2013, race track conditions are posted online by racenet analysts. Caulfield Cup results from all years are conveniently posted online as well.

It is more than the excitement of betting at this level; it’s truly hoping a particular horse will win because of strength and will and power. Perhaps it is a vicarious thrill for patrons to be a part of the struggle and the triumph of a race.

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